Clean Edge Car Wash Keysborough

415 Cheltenham Road
Keysborough, Victoria 3173
(03) 8669 1791
6am – 10pm (7 days a week)

About Keysborough Location

Situated at Keysborough and Rosebud, our premier 4 minute auto wash will have your car clean and have you on your way.
Boasting highly sophisticated brushless and touchless Laserwash systems, Clean Edge Carwash has set the benchmark using the world’s most technologically advanced carwash equipment.
We also cater to hand washing with 5 self-serve bays, vacuum bays, fragrance applicators, a dog wash and vending products.
Both sites have highly advanced reclaim systems that not only recycles and treats the water used but we also have a vast capture area to harvest the rainfall and ensure that no precious drop is lost. Along with biodegradable products, we are proud to say that Clean Edge Carwash is certainly doing its part to be environmentally friendly.