Terms & Conditions

General Terms & Conditions applicable to all customers

  1. Clean Edge Carwash reserves the right to refuse entry to the carwash without stating a justification.
  2. Customer enters carwash at their own risk. Clean Edge Carwash cannot assume responsibility for drivers.
  3. We will perform the carwash of your vehicle on your full responsibility. You must disclose to us all defects, damage, or weakness in your vehicle, known or suspected by you, which may be affected by the services prior to our commencing with the cleaning process. We have no any responsibility or liability for any damage of vehicle during the wash process
  4. If you have any questions regarding the general terms & conditions of service, please contact us via our contact us web form.
  5. We reserve the right to take photos of vehicles on-site that may be used for marketing purposes. Registration will not be published.

Club Edge Terms & Conditions


  1. Clean Edge Carwash launched Club Edge, the company loyalty program in 2019.
  2. Club Edge incentivizes customers for their loyalty by providing added value, free washes, exclusive offers and local incentives.
  3. Club Edge membership card is limited to one vehicle only.
  4. Club Edge members may own one card only tied to their name and registration details.
  5. Card holders who purchase several cards must have them linked to unique cardholder. No two cards can be linked to the same person.
  6. Club Edge is run by IS management pty ltd. ABN: 32083040288.


  1. 20% additional value with spend of $50 or more
  2. Buy 10 carwashes, get the 11th for FREE
  3. Local area incentives (future program release)
  4. Exclusive offers


  1. Club Edge is issued by Clean Edge Carwash and applicable for use at all three carwash locations.
  2. Sign-up to the loyalty program comes with a minimum sign-up charge of $50 which goes towards first service.
  3. The loyalty card is strictly personal, non-transferable and equipped with a unique number.
  4. Clean Edge Carwash reserves the right to refuse entry to the loyalty program without stating a justification, and the right not to activate a loyalty card.
  5. Clean Edge Carwash reserves the right to refuse use of Club Edge card.
  6. The cardholder can be asked to present their identity card along with the loyalty card to check the personal use of the loyalty card.
  7. Presentation of Club Edge card is required to draw upon card funds, and to attribute towards card incentives.
  8. The benefits related to the loyalty card cannot be combined with benefits of other promotional activities run by Clean Edge Carwash.
  9. Incentives of Club Edge program are not transferrable or redeemable for cash.
  10. Any loss of theft of, or damage to, the loyalty card must be reported to Clean Edge Carwash, so that a new card can be issued to the cardholder. This can be done by contacting info@cleanedgecarwash.com.au or calling (03) 8669 1791. Card can either be collected in- store or posted out to customer.
  11. Any misuse of the loyalty card leads to immediate and definitive disqualification for any further membership or use of the loyalty card.
  12. The personal data collected by Clean Edge Carwash in the framework of the Club Edge loyalty card are used exclusively by Clean Edge Carwash. By accepting these general terms & conditions, the cardholder gives Clean Edge Carwash permission to use his personal data for personalised offers. The cardholder also gives permission to communicate with him via all possible media, including e-mail and text messages.
  13. Club Edge membership data will not be transferred to any third parties.
  14. Clean Edge Carwash reserves the right to unilaterally change the General Terms and Conditions at any time without having to inform the Cardholder of this individually and without any right to compensation for the Cardholder. All modifications in the General Terms and Conditions are published on Clean Edge Carwash website (www.cleanedgecarwash.com.au). The Cardholder undertakes to reread the General Terms and Conditions on the Website on a regular basis. Use of the Loyalty Card by the Cardholder after a modification in the General Terms and Conditions on the Website shall imply acceptance of the changed General Terms and Conditions.

Fleet Club Terms & Conditions
1. Registered vehicle(s) using the Fleet Tag option must have a Clean Edge Carwash RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tag affixed to vehicle windshield. A damaged RFID tag must be reported to Clean Edge Carwash immediately and replaced. Attempts to remove the tag will destroy it and will keep it from operating.
2. Members will incur a fee for replacement of any lost or destroyed RFID tag.
3. Member must notify Clean Edge Carwash of any change in vehicle ownership, so that membership can be transferred accordingly.
4. Valid credit card required to participate in program.
5. Member agrees that the credit card they provide will be automatically charged on a pay per use basis on the last day of each month. On the first of the month your company will be emailed a usage report showing date, time & wash selected.
6. In the event that the customer wishes to cancel program, cancellation must be received by a member of our management team in writing via contact us web form.
7. If participation is canceled, the credit card on file will be automatically charged for any outstanding washes.
8. It is the customer’s full and sole responsibility to contact Clean Edge Carwash to give notification about any changes of contact or billing information. Contact our management team at (03) 8669 1791 or via the Contact Us web form.
9. At least seven (7) working days will be required before your billing date for cancellation of program takes effect.
10. In the event that Clean Edge Carwash is unable to charge a customer’s credit /debit card due to an expiration date on the credit/debit or other change in information, the Fleet’s participation in the program may be suspended and RFID tag(s) de-activated.
11. Vehicles must conform to the Clean Edge Carwash standards. Modifications outside of Clean Edge Carwash standards to existing customer’s vehicle may require program termination. Please see location manager for confirmation that vehicle meets standards.
12. RFID tags remain the exclusive property of Clean Edge Carwash and must be surrendered upon request. In the event that RFID tag is tampered with or the program is used in any way inconsistent with its terms and condition, the program will be immediately voided and all monies will be forfeited. Failure to return any and all stickers at the termination of this program will result in a charge to the credit card on file, for the replacement cost of RFID tags.
13. Pricing and terms & conditions are subject to change at any time without notice.
14. Clean Edge Carwash reserves the right to terminate any Fleet Club program at any time, without notice.
15. No refunds for days that we close early or do not open due to weather or equipment maintenance.
16. The Fleet Club cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discounts.