Fleet Club

We all share the same excitement when we buy a new vehicle. Everything is clean, shiny and new! However, when the car hits the road, that paint duco needs to be looked after to ensure a maximum shine. We also know how important first impressions are to customers, and arriving to a meeting a shiny, newly washed vehicle is paramount to showing off your organisation in a positive way.

The Clean Edge Carwash Fleet Card Program allows fleet customers to manage their vehicle fleet washing by eliminating the handling of petty cash, staff reimbursements and the security risk accompanied with providing staff tokens. Fleet wash customers can bring multiple vehicles to the wash at any time of the day or during specific times to allow efficient management of the fleet.

Emailed invoices and reporting enable the organisation's fleet manager to confidently manage the vehicles. Our specialised service will allow the detailed breakdown of every car(s) wash, the time washed along with the date. In addition, each card has the vehicle license plate printed on the front to eliminate any misuse or abuse by use of the card to wash other vehicles.

We can certainly appreciate that security and financial control is important. As such, fleet card customers can also only have vehicles washed at prescribed times of the day. during attendant hours where our attendants can add another measure of security and vehicle verification.

So whether you have one car or 1000 in your fleet, Clean Edge Carwash provides the best and most affordable fleet care service in the South East of Victoria, ensuring your cars look their very best, all the time because...first impressions always last!

Available at both Keysborough and Rosebud