Pre Paid Gift Wash Cards

Save with a Pre-paid wash card – save even more with Club Edge

Did you want to save immediately from your 1st wash onwards? A Pre-Paid Wash Card from Clean Edge Carwash is the perfect solution. We will give you and continue to give you up to 25% additional value every time you top!

In addition, by purchasing your wash cards online, you save further making each wash used on the card cheaper. You also have the ability to top up your card at the onsite paystation if you so desire to continue using it with the same savings. It’s that simple.

Join Club Edge for increased discounts and benefits

By joining Club Edge you’ll receive the ultimate in perks and prices from Clean Edge Car Wash.


1. Cards can only be used at Clean Edge Carwash Rosebud & is redeemable only for carwash services only

2. Can be used by simply presenting it for payment when making a carwash purchase through the Autowash only

3. Card is neither a debit or credit card and has no implied warranties

4. Clean Edge Carwash is not reposnsible for lost, stolen, damaged or for any unauthorised card use

5. Unused value remains on the card and cannot be redeemed for cash

6. For balance enquiries go to & click on Card Balance Lookup & enter card number